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Taking a fine photo or scan is only the beginning of the process in making a faithful and gorgeous giclee print. The camera lens and human eye view paint applications differently. At Evolv we take the time to work with you to create a print that matches what you and your buyers see. Our reproduction process includes all the adjustment time and proofing needed to create color accurate prints.

Owned and operated by Rob Caswell, Evolv maintains all the client files from Sky Lake Studios, so Sky Lake customers can easily reorder prints of any work on file.

Endorsement - David R. Deitrick


Evolv can print giclees on fine art papers, artists canvas, or vinyl. Regardless of the substrate used all prints are priced at $20/ sq. ft. If you order 10 or more of the same print in a given order, those prints will receive a 10% discount. Greater discounts are available for higher volume orders - ask for details. Proofing is free for all in-studio clients. If a print requires more than 15 minutes of time for color and quality adjustment, digital manipulation fees may apply, charged at $25/15min. The minimum print charge is $11.20 (8"x10"price).

Prints are custom cut to your exact size needs from roll stock. Our wide format printer can produce images up to 44" x 90". All inks and papers are archival.

Here are some sample prices based on common print sizes, but all prints are sized and cut to your specifications:

8x10 $11.20
11x14 $21.40
16x20 $44.40
24x36 $120

museum quality giclee printing
and art reproduction
in western massachusetts

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art reproduction

Evolv offers reproduction services for original paintings. This is the process of digitizing a physical 2D piece for printing. The work is scanned or shot to produce a hi-res digital image and the result is meticulously color adjusted against the original work. All proofing and color adjustment time is built into the price and the work is not complete until you're happy with the results.

The pricing schedule for art reproduction is below. Pricing is based on the dimension of the work's longest side. If your originals contain metallic finishes an added $40 fee applies. Prices do not include finished prints (see printmaking). All print files are kept in our archive for easy re-ordering. In addition you'll receive copies of the finished files in a convenient format.

up to 11" $80
up to 24" $130
up to 30" $155
up to 36" $205
up to 48" $255
up to 54" $305

flatbed scanning

Evolv offers flatbed scanning for film (negative and positive) and physical media. Scans are $10 each and created to your specified resolution. If your original is larger than the 8.5"x11" scanner bed, a digital stitch may be required ($5 per stitch).

Results are delivered free to your portable USB or hard drive. They can be burned to an archival DVD for a $5 fee. Scan results are not kept on file after the order has been picked up.

If the scans require any clean up or color correction, that's available at the studio graphics rate of $25/ 15 min.

photoshop training
(temporarily suspended during COVID)

Knowing how to use Photoshop for managing your images and prints has become an increasingly vital tool for artists. It's an intimidatingly vast program, but in practice most people only need to understand a subset of its abilities - just enough to get their work done.

Evolv offers individualized Photoshop training tailored to what you need to do with the application. In-studio training is available at $25/ 15 min. so you can indulge as much or as little as you want. Call to set up a time and review the scope of what you'd like to learn.

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